The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class came out with a striking revision in 2016 bearing a style update evident in other sedans of the automaker. This intriguing generation is branded as the C117, which features breathtaking contours and a dynamic front look. It has undergone production until 2020 presenting an impressive array of features and a versatile Wagon 5-Doors Shooting Brake series. The emphasis on upscale aesthetics is apparent in its trim, engagingly expressed in 1.6 AMT, echoing both sophistication and performance.

The C117 Wagon carries under its hood a potent heart, an engine with a direct injection system supplying fuel, guaranteeing more precise combustion control. Embodying power and performance efficiently is the impressive four-cylinder inline layout with each cylinder hosting four valves. The petrol engine runs a turbine boost type making it suitable for brisk acceleration and city driving. Furthermore, it gives out a forceful 150 horsepower at 5300rpm, offering a decent blend of performance and efficiency while ensuring driveability is smooth and refined.

On the move, the C117 delivers an engaging driving experience with its 7-Speed Robot Transmission. It brings together the best of two worlds: the comfort of automatic and the response and efficiency of a manual – making gear changes smoother and accelerating time faster. Its front wheel drive ensures a balance between handling precision and ride comfort. The 205/55/R16 wheel size adds to the vehicle’s stability on high speed and rough terrains. Lastly, the vehicle flaunts an independent, spring back suspension enhancing its handling aptitude while providing uncompromised ride comfort.

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