The Mercedes-Benz Vito W447, produced from 2014 to 2020, is an impressive model from the revered German automaker’s lineup. Esteemed for its class and performance, this particular variant falls under the Mixto Minivan 4-Doors series, precisely the 116 CDI MT L2 Trim. The Vito ingeniously merges the functionality of a minivan with the luxury and performance Mercedes-Benz is known for. With a seating capacity of 5, this beauty provides ample room for ensuring comfort and space to its passengers.

Equipped with a rear-wheel drive, the Vito features a diesel engine, underlining Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to efficiency and environment-friendly mechanics. It boasts an inline cylinder layout with four cylinders, each possessing four valves. Further enhancing its performance, the engine utilizes common rail injection and a turbo boost. This powerful engine boasts a laudable hp of 163, which hits its peak at 3800 rpm. All this is channeled through a manual transmission with six gears, outlining the Vito’s sleek and smooth driving experience.

Mercedes has given attention to the robustness and safety aspects of the model too. The Vito sports independent, stabilizer bar back suspension making its handling more reliable on rough terrains. It has a fuel tank with a capacity of 15 gallons, which ensures that the Vito is able to cover considerable distances before needing a fuel stop. Despite its focus on size and function, the Vito W447 has a manageable capacity of 0.075678921 ft3. While certain details like maximum speed and acceleration abilities remain a mystery, the performance specifications we do have suggest that the Vito is a versatile, dependable, and driver-friendly model that seamlessly blends practicality with indulgence. As one would expect from any model from the Mercedes-Benz stable, the Vito Mixto Minivan is all about delivering a superior driving experience.

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