During the late 1990s, Mercedes-Benz continued to assert its dominance in the motor industry with its impressive E-Class series. Among this line-up was the outstanding Mercedes-Benz W210/S210 E-Class 250 D MT that was produced from 1995 to 1999. This sedan was famous for its unrivaled comfort, and it came with four doors and a seating capacity of five, making it an excellent choice for any family. Complementing its practicality was a stylish body that did not compromise on the aesthetics Mercedes-Benz was known for.

Under the hood, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class 250 D MT was fitted with an impressive diesel engine, showcasing the manufacturer’s dedication to efficiency and performance. The inline engine layout featured five cylinders, each having 4 valves. The cylinder bore measured 3.393 inches, which together with a stroke cycle of 3.276 mm, hinted at an impressively engineered powerhouse. One of the standout features of the 250 D MT engine was a Multi-Point Fuel Injection system, contributing to the car’s fuel efficiency and power output. The engine produced a noteworthy 113 horsepower, peaking at 5000 RPM, and had a maximum torque turnover at 4600 RPM.

In terms of performance and handling, the W210/S210 E-Class 250 D MT was built for smooth and comfortable driving experiences. The sedan sported a rear-wheel-drive system paired with a manual transmission providing user control and the well-known Mercedes-Benz driving experience. The car featured a five-speed gearbox and a sizable fuel tank capacity of 17 gallons, perfect for cross-country road trips. The vehicle’s top speed reached up to 124 MPH, and it could accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 21 seconds. Rounding off its performance features was a multi-wishbone, dampers, spring back suspension system, engineered for stability and smooth rides even on bumpy terrains. Overall, the E-Class 250 D MT cemented Mercedes Benz’s reputation for producing vehicles that combined comfort, power, and style.

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