The Mercedes-Benz X-Class, model X 250 D MT 4Matic, is a marvel in the world of luxury pickups. Manufactured between 2017 to 2020, this first Generation X-Class stands as a testament to the ingenious yet potent German engineering techniques. With its pickup style body, it accommodates up to five people while retaining optimum comfort and style. The vehicle empowers you to make a powerful statement while driving on any road, busy city streets, or rugged off-road terrains.

The X-Class X 250 D MT 4Matic is powered by a robust diesel engine that balances power and efficiency quite proficiently. It employs the common rail fuel injection method that ensures a more efficient and cleaner burn. The engine is an inline four-cylinder diesel arrangement, enhanced with a biturbo system, providing the vehicle with a substantial amount of power. This model, with valves per cylinder being 4, generates a smooth drive, regardless of the situation. The engine’s capacity is roughly 190hp at 3750 RPM, allowing the pickup to power through with great force.

The strength of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class does not end there. It features four-wheel drive (4WD), enabling the vehicle to handle a variety of terrain and weather conditions. The manual transmission of this model adds to the exhilarating driving experience, with the capacity to shift through six different gears. The suspension system of the X-Class incorporates multi-wishbone and helical springs for the rear suspension, providing a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven terrains. This Mercedes-Benz X-Class runs on diesel fuel, ensuring excellent performance and environmental friendliness.

In conclusion, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class X 250 D MT 4Matic is a prestigious meld of luxury, power, and practicality. The diesel engine, common rail injection, biturbo boost, and four-wheel drive make it a muscular off-roader while retaining Mercedes’ signature luxury. As such, the X-Class embodies the perfect blend of beauty and brawn, marking a new era in the world of pickup trucks.

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