Mercedes-Benz has been known for its luxurious, top-quality vehicles for many decades, and the V-Class W638 minivan model is no exception. Introduced in the year 1996 and continuing production up until 2003, this minivan set the standard for family and business transportation during its era. The V-Class W638 was quite a revelation, primarily because it cloaked Mercedes-Benz’s reputation for elegance and reliability within a package that addressed functional and practical necessities of the time.

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class W638 minivan was outfitted with a V 200 CDI AT trim, featuring a Common Rail injection type diesel engine which was unique for the time period. This powerful machine boasted an Inline cylinder layout, with 4 cylinders each housing 4 valves. Haunted with a turbo without sacrificing efficiency, this minivan reached a turnover of maximum torque at 2400 RPM. The Cylinder Bore of 3.432 inches coupled with the same stroke cycle further lent credence to its capabilities on the road. Generating 102 HP at 3800 RPM, the engine was balanced and robust, ideal for both city and highway driving conditions.

Not just powerful, the V-Class W638 was also designed for comfortable, smooth driving with its front-wheel drive and automatic transmission. It featured a forward-looking 4 gear system and accelerated from 0-60 mph in 29 seconds, hitting a top speed of 96 mph. Fuel economy was a significant feature contributed by its 21-gallon fuel tank capacity and diesel fuel grade. The back suspension was specifically designed for stability and comfort and featured independent, lever, dampers, and helical springs. Ultimately, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class W638 minivan, despite being produced over two decades ago, is still held in high esteem and continues to serve as a testament to the automaker’s dedication to creating vehicles that are both luxurious and incredibly functional.

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