The Mercedes-Benz W124 is a timeless automotive icon with a reputation for quality and durability that has sustained its desirability over the years. Manufactured between 1984 and 1994, the first generation W124 series proudly carries Mercedes’ engineering elegance and sophistication. In particular, the five-door wagon variant is truly an embodiment of practicality combined with suave characteristics. Its classic silhouette, remarkable functionality, and German precision have marked it as an esteemed vehicle in the estate car segment.

This diesel-powered machine is equipped with a 3.0 MT trim, producing an impressive 107.2816 HP. Boasting of a longitudinal engine placement at the front, this diesel dynamo ensures the priority is power and performance. Further, the W124 3.0 MT variant comes with a manual five-speed transmission enhancing the driving experience by providing increased control to the driver. Its rear-wheel-drive orientation ensures superior traction and stability on different types of road or weather conditions. With a commendable fuel capacity of 18 gallons, it guarantees long, uninterrupted journeys for its occupants.

In terms of design architecture, the W124 stands tall as a five-seater wagon, epitomizing spaciousness and comfort. With its German roots, the car showcases an independent, spring-back suspension system, ensuring smooth rides even on the most uneven terrains. Anticipating safety, these models feature five doors for easy access to the cabin from different angles. Designated as a class E vehicle, it provides generous interior space, further enhancing the driving and passenger experience. All these aforementioned attributes together feature a perfect model representing the values of Mercedes-Benz: comfort, power, and elegant design. The first-generation Mercedes-Benz W124 truly embodies the perfect symbiosis of form and function.

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