As a true connoisseur of cars, I invite you to take a trip back to the late 90s with an icon from Mercedes-Benz, the E-Class W210, specifically the 2.3 AT wagon. This particular model was produced from 1995 to 1999, boasting a unique combination of durability, versatility, and luxury that is characteristic of the iconic German car manufacturer. This 5-door wagon packs a plethora of features that make it a timeless catch for car enthusiasts.

To begin with, the E-Class W210 sports an automatic transmission and is powered by a gasoline-fueled engine. It’s designed with a rear-wheel-drive system, an advantageous feature for improved handling and stability. Under the hood, it has a multi-point fuel injection system working in harmony with an inline-four-cylinder layout, each cylinder with four valves, which boosts fuel efficiency and power. With 150 horsepower kicking in at 3800 RPM, the engine offers responsive acceleration and smooth performance, reaching 60mph in 19 seconds.

The E-Class W210 prides itself on smart mechanical construction. It comfortably seats 45053 occupants in its 0.081046721 ft3 capacity interior, a great feat for a wagon. Despite its absence of boost type, the engine delivers an impressive max power of 147.5122 HP, enough to satisfy the most power-hungry drivers. For fuel economy, it runs on 95-fuel grade, with an 18-gallon fuel tank ensuring long drives without frequent stops. In respect of suspension, it employs an independent spring back suspension system that contributes to a comfortable and smoother ride.

The wheel configuration includes a wheel size of R14 205/65/R15. This size ensures better road grip and stability, even at high speeds. This wagon has an automatic 5-gear transmission, efficient in delivering power to the rear wheels. According to details from the car’s origins, it hails from Germany, known worldwide for producing reliable, luxurious, and high-performance cars. Worth noting is the careful attention Mercedes-Benz paid to the bore and stroke cycle of the engine, with a cylinder bore in at 3.51 and a stroke cycle mm of 3.432.

In closing, if you’re a fan of Mercedes-Benz cars or classic models with notable features, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 2.3 At wagon will undoubtedly intrigue you. Despite its production years being a couple of decades ago, its package of sterling features makes it a worthy collector’s item or a fantastic addition to any car enthusiast’s garage.

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