The Mercedes-Benz W124 of the 1 Generation was a marvel of German engineering, produced from 1984 to 1994. This vehicle’s line encompassed various body configurations and the model under review here is the 5-Door Wagon variant. A vehicle known for its durability and reliability, the W124 Wagon offered a comfortable drive with seating for 5 passengers and a rather spacious cargo area, indicated by a capacity of 0.105802168 Ft3, ideal for long journeys or family vacations. Fuel economy benefited from the efficient Diesel engine, with a fuel tank capacity of 18G ensuring fewer stops on those long trips.

Under the hood, the Mercedes-Benz W124 was as impressive as it was externally. Powered by a Diesel engine with Inline configuration and 6 cylinders, it provided robust and reliable performance. Each cylinder contained 2 valves, aiding in efficient fuel combustion. The presence of a manual transmission with 5 gears facilitated smooth and controlled driving. With an engine power of 113 HP at 2700 RPM and a maximum power of 111.30466 HP, the W124 was not a slouch in the power department. The rear-wheel-drive layout further added to its robust handling and performance on the road.

Despite the W124’s relatively heavy weight, its performance on the road was not compromised. The vehicle could accelerate from 0-60 M/H in approximately 23 seconds, a rather respectable figure for its time and class. Its suspension setup – independent and spring on the rear- struck the perfect balance between comfort and performance. While the car easily took to the city streets, it was just as ready for twisting country lanes or the open highway. Despite its powerful engine, the lack of a boost type preserved the overall balance of the car, ensuring that it was not too high maintenance. Of course, the power was always there when needed for overtaking or highway cruising.

Dating back to the period of rich automotive creation and innovation in Germany, the Mercedes-Benz W124 1 Generation was certainly a representation of elegance, efficiency, and power. Whether for the business executive, the family, or a car enthusiast attracted by the car’s classic appeal, the W124 was an all-rounder. Its traits and characteristics have stood the test of time, remaining popular on the used car market years after its production ceased in 1994. A symbol of 80s and 90s auto excellence, this is a car that deserves its place in the history books.

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