If you’re a fan of German engineering, particularly of the golden era of automobiles, then the Mercedes-Benz W123 is likely on your radar. This particular car model, which was produced from 1975 through to 1985, is renowned for its solid build quality, reliability and elegant design. Specifically, the 280 5-Speed 2.8 MT trim not only exemplifies the reputation of the brand but also offers a unique blend of performance and luxury. Furthermore, being from the Sedan series, this car compromises neither comfort nor functionality, offering ample room with its ability to comfortably seat up to five persons.

Under the hood, the Mercedes-Benz W123 280 5-Speed 2.8 MT boasts an impressive Inline 6 Cylinder Gasoline Engine. This configuration places a significant emphasis on performance, with engine power reaching up to 185 hp at 4500 rpm. The engine’s stroke cycle is measured at 3.042 millimeters and an engine bore of 3.354 inches, further augmenting its power output. Moreover, this particular model’s power is delivered to the rear wheels, contributing to increased stability and control during driving.

In terms of fuel system, the W123 280 5-Speed 2.8 MT utilizes a Multi-Point Fuel Injection system, ensuring optimal efficiency. The manual transmission comes with five gears, guaranteeing smoothness in shifting and better control. This model also features a fuel tank capacity of 17 gallons, allowing a relatively extensive traveling range before refueling. This classic beast might take around 16 seconds to cross the 60 mph mark from a standstill, but remember, it’s a car that values the journey over speed obsession. For the suspension, the car is fitted with an Independent, Spring system at the back, which assures a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the road conditions. Remarkably, despite being launched over 40 years ago, this car still holds its head high in the E class of vehicles, demonstrating the timeless reputation of Mercedes-Benz.

To conclude, this 1st generation Mercedes-Benz W123 280 5-Speed 2.8 MT, proudly originating from Germany, is an epitome of top-notch engineering and sophisticated design. It symbolizes a time when cars were built to last, with comfort and style equally paramount. Despite its age, the car still commands a significant presence, and with four doors and a substantial seating capacity, it remains highly functional, making it a cherished gem among car enthusiasts worldwide.

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