The Mercedes-Benz C-Class W201, an upscale sedan, underwent a significant redesign between 1988 and 1993. The particular model in focus is the 190 E 1.8 Kat 4Mt. This five-seater sedan quickly gained reputation for its elegance, stability, and premium features. The robustness of this model is dominated by its multi-point fuel injection system and a well-engineered inline-4 cylinder layout, setting the foundation for a luxuriously powerful drive. The engine type runs on gasoline, with two valves per cylinder, offering superior fuel efficiency and extraordinary performance.

The 190 E 1.8 Kat 4Mt model utilises a compact engine system, with 3.471 inches of cylinder bore and a stroke cycle of 2.808 mm providing an impressive 109 horsepower at 5500 rpm. This high-powered performance is significant considering the capacity of 0.063460112 ft^3. The maximum torque output is delivered at 3700 rpm. The rear-wheel drive layout further complements the overall engine efficiency. This Mercedes-Benz sedan, with its rear-wheel-drive configuration, pays tribute to the traditional sporty driving dynamics, further underpinned by the 4-gear manual transmission.

The 190E 1.8 Kat 4MT is built to deliver top-notch speed, capable of propelling from 0 to 60 mph in 20 seconds and hitting a maximum speed of 115 mph. It uses 95-grade fuel, marking the model’s emphasis on fuel-efficiency given its performance-centric configuration. Catering to long journey needs, this model boasts a spacious fuel tank capacity of 15 gallons. To ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, the back suspension system integrates independent, multi-wishbone spring and stabilizer bar mechanisms. All these features define the Mercedes-Benz C-Class W201’s 190 E 1.8 Kat 4Mt as an iconic masterpiece of automotive engineering.

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