The Mercedes-Benz CL-Class C216, specifically the 2010-2014 Redesign, is a standout in the manufacturer’s impressive lineup. This particular model is celebrated for its high-performance features and lavish design. The CL63 AMG Speedshift MCT is a two-door AMG coupe that seats four passengers in grandeur and style.

At the heart of the CL63 is a robust and responsive 8-cylinder gasoline engine. Direct injection and a BiTurbo boost type underscore the vehicle’s commitment to power. Each of the eight cylinders boasts four valves allowing the engine to function efficiently, producing 544 horsepower at about 5750 RPM. Another impressive characteristic of this vehicle is the 7-speed robotic transmission, which ensures smooth gear changes and enhances driving performance.

The car exhibits an incredible balance of power and speed. This luxury coupe can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 7 seconds and touch a top speed of 155 mph. The rear-wheel-drive configuration adds an addictive edge to the car’s performance, offering enhanced stability and traction. Given its power and performance, the need for top-quality fuel is apparent and hence, it utilizes 98 fuel grade.

The suspension of any vehicle plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth ride, and the CL63 doesn’t disappoint here either. Equipped with an independent, multi-wishbone back suspension system, this model guarantees a comfortable and bump-free ride. With a fuel tank capacity of 27 gallons, this luxurious and stylish AMG coupe is poised for long rides.

In sum, the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class C216 (2010-2014 Redesign) CL63 AMG Speedshift MCT has it all – power, speed, comfort, and luxury. Its powerful 8-cylinder engine paired with a robotic 7-speed transmission ensures a driving experience like no other, making it a much-loved model among car enthusiasts. It’s a testament to Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to combine luxury with performance in a graceful, stylish package.

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