The Mercedes-Benz Vito W447, produced between 2014 and 2020, is a member of the robust Tourer Minivan 4-doors series, known for its vigorous and versatile performance. Designed to seat seven passengers comfortably, the Vito W447 creates a balance of elegance and efficiency, held synonymous to the brand. The minivan’s body type not only ensures ample space for passengers but also promises comfort and style that sets it apart in its category.

The engine of the Vito W447 is its crowning glory. It operates with a Common Rail diesel injection type, combined with an inline cylinder layout. The engine features four cylinders, each having four valves, which contributes to the superior performance. Boasting a stroke cycle of 3.081mm, a bore of 3.12 inches, and the presence of a turbo boost type, the powerplant of this machine delivers an horsepower of 114 at 3800 RPM. While the capacities and specifications ensure reliable performance, they also promise a smooth and noiseless drive, regardless of the drive’s duration or terrain.

This particular model of Vito, the 111 CDI MT L1 trim, features front-wheel drive and is geared with a six-speed manual transmission system, ensuring a seamless control for the driver. The capacious 15-gallon fuel tank allows for long uninterrupted trips. Supporting an independent, stabilizer bar back suspension, this automotive machine ensures stable and reliable maneuverability at all times, even on the most challenging paths. Known for its diesel fuel grade, this model assures economical fuel consumption, contributing to its overall cost-effectiveness.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito W447 is the epitome of German car making brilliance that guarantees durability, reliability, and efficiency. Its intelligent blend of a powerful engine and high-quality build makes it an ideal option for both, family travel and business transport. The Vito goes far beyond just getting from one place to another; it delivers a memorable travel experience to each of its seven occupants, with every journey.

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