The Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211/S211 Series, specifically the 320 Cdi 4Matic AT, is a sedan that intricately combines the elements of luxury, performance, and sophistication. Produced from 2006 to 2009, this 4-door model transcends the boundaries of traditional sedans, providing an unrivaled driving experience. This vehicle offers seating for five, making it a suitable choice for families or groups seeking a blend of comfort and power.

Under the hood, the E-Class W211/S211 houses a V-Type 6-cylinder diesel engine. It comes with Common Rail injection type, which contributes to the increased efficiency and performance of the engine. The engine is turbo boosted and is characterized by four valves per cylinder. It also boasts a cylinder bore of 3.237 inches and a stroke cycle of 3.588 mm, contributing to the robust engine operation. Additionally, the presence of an intercooler signifies an enhanced cooling efficiency, thus ensuring that the engine maintains optimal temperature during all driving conditions.

One of the striking attributes of this E-Class model is its performance. The engine yields a power of 224 horsepower at 3800 RPM, allowing the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 12 seconds. The maximum speed that this model can reach is 152 mph, an impressive figure for a sedan. When it comes to the drivetrain, the 320 Cdi 4Matic AT is equipped with an All Wheel Drive (AWD), providing greater traction and stability under variable road conditions. Regarding the transmission, this model comes with a 5-gear automatic setup, promising a smooth and effortless shifting experience. Meanwhile, the fuel tank has a capacity of 21 gallons, which adequately supports the power and performance of this diesel-powered vehicle.

The suspension system of this E-class sedan is another noteworthy feature. The car utilizes a multi-wishbone, dampers, and spring setup for the back suspension, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. This sophistically designed system adeptly absorbs shocks and bumps, delivering an uninterrupted driving experience even on rough terrains or during high-speed cruising. Moreover, the car provides ample storage space with a capacity of 0.105484338 ft3, quite generous for a sedan of its class.

In summary, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211/S211 Series 320 Cdi 4Matic AT reflects the commitment of the brand to deliver a vehicle that impeccably combines luxury, power, and performance. From its commanding V-type, 6-cylinder diesel engine to its highly efficient common rail injection system, and from its all-wheel drive to its exceptional suspension system, this sedan indeed stands as a paragon of superior automobile engineering. Whether for city cruising or long highway journeys, this Mercedes-Benz model promises a driving experience that’s especially hard to match.

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