The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a model lineup that epitomizes the blend of luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology that the brand is known for. The W176 Generation, particularly the 180 D MT model that was available from 2015 to 2018, offers a modern, sporty look that doesn’t compromise on the standout features Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for. With its hatchback 5-door series, not only does it make a bold design statement but it also accommodates seating for five ensuring a comfortable ride for all occupants.

Underneath its stylish hood, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class 180 D MT is powered by an inline four-cylinder diesel engine that offers efficient fuel consumption without sacrificing performance. The engine offers direct injection and is further enhanced by a turbo boost. This engine setup allows the A-Class 180 D MT to deliver 109 horsepower at 4000 rpm, ensuring not just smooth, but engaging drives as well. Couple this with a turnover of maximum torque at 2500 rpm, and drivers can expect a responsive, dynamic, and comfortable drive every time.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class 180 D MT sports a manual transmission, with a six-speed gearbox, contributing to an invigorating driving experience. When it comes to speed, this hatchback can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 18 seconds, reaching a top speed of 118 mph. This, along with its front-wheel drive, independent, multi-wishbone back suspension, and 13 gallons fuel tank capacity, equips drivers with not just speed and agility on the road, but also with longer drives between refuellings. The trim also utilizes diesel as its fuel grade, ensuring efficiency in both the vehicle’s power and performance. With its blend of style, technology, performance, and practicality, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class 180 D MT emerges as a model that truly stands out in the compact luxury car market.

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