Mercedes-Benz has always been highly regarded for its luxurious sedans, but it has outdone itself with the C-Class C 63 Amg Speedshift Mct, particularly with the models produced between 2011 and 2015. Powering this excellent vehicle is a gasoline V-Type engine with eight cylinders, capable of massive power, thanks in part to its four valves per cylinder. This engine generates an impressive 457 horsepower, which peaks at 6800 rpm and brings an unprecedented level of power and prestige to the C-Class line. The power transmitted through a seven-speed robot transmission to the car’s rear wheels offers a seamless driving experience.

The performance of the C 63 Amg Speedshift Mct never fails to capture the attention of car enthusiasts. With its high turnover of maximum torque rpm at 5000 and quick pickup, the car goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just about 7 seconds. Not just that, it has a top speed capped at an exhilarating 155 miles per hour. Furthermore, it boasts of a multi-point fuel injection system that enhances the engine’s overall performance by ensuring better fuel-air mixture for a more effective combustion process.

This variant of the C-Class doesn’t only score high on power and acceleration, but also on comfort and practicality. The sedan body type of the car comes with 4-door accessibility and accommodates 5 passengers, making it an ideal family vehicle or for those who enjoy the extra space. For navigating rough roads or enjoying a smoother ride, the C 63 Amg comes equipped with an independent, multi-wishbone back suspension. The car also contains a fuel tank with a substantial capacity of 17 gallons, allowing longer drives with fewer stops for refueling. This model of Mercedes uses 95-grade fuel, making it a power-packed performer on the road.

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