The Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class R172 (2011-2020) represents a masterful blend of luxury, performance, and innovation, proudly wearing its designation as a roadster 2-door trim. The SLK 350 BlueEfficiency 7G-Tronic Plus boasts solid engineering prowess and a penchant for unmatched finesse. Equipped with two seats, the car paints an intimate picture of every journey, radiating an undeniable allure for those who appreciate the thrill behind the wheels of a power-packed roadster. Rest assured, every ride in the SLK 350 BlueEfficiency 7G-Tronic Plus is designed for the driving purist, offering a unique synthesis of comfort and sportiness.

The Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class R172 has an engine that resonates with strength, precision, and thrilling performance, making no compromises in delivering the driving experience Mercedes is renowned for. It comes with a V-type cylinder layout featuring 6 cylinders and 4 valves per cylinder, all running on gasoline. The engine utilizes direct injection, and the cylinder bore is designed at 3.588 inches, with a stroke cycle mm of 3.354. With a capacity of 0.123530035 Ft3, the engine delivers 306 HP at 6500 RPM, highlighting Mercedes’ commitment to making every journey feel powerful.

The rear-wheel drive function guarantees that the car stays glued to the grounding surface, ensuring precise control and stability. Complemented by a 7-gear automatic transmission, the SLK 350 BlueEfficiency makes shifting gears a seamless transition, enabling swift acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in just 9 seconds. The roadster boasts a maximum speed of 155 MPH, efficient enough to satiate any thrill-seeker. The performance-oriented suspension system, featuring independent, multi wishbone, dampers, spring at the back, promises agile handling and optimal ride comfort. Furthermore, the roadster’s fuel tank capacity of 18 gallons allows for extended driving intervals. The fuel grade of 95 ensures maximum combustion efficiency, translating to better engine performance and extended durability.

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