The Mercedes-Benz Vito (W639) was redesigned for the years 2010 to 2015, as a minivan series with four doors that was capable of seating seven to nine passengers. Regarded for its advanced and innovative engineering, the vehicle was powered by a diesel engine with turbo boost. Further enhancing its performance on the road, the minivan featured a Common Rail injection type, engineered to inject fuel directly into the vehicle’s cylinder, which increased longevity and improved fuel efficiency.

A highlight of the Vito was its 113 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY MT Compact trim, which was characterised by Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to sustainability and fuel efficiency. The presence of an intercooler stood testament to this, as it increased the engine’s efficiency and power by reducing the induction air heat produced by the turbocharger and thus promoting more efficient combustion. Additionally, the vehicle came with an inline cylinder layout and was powered by a four-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder, capable of generating 136 HP at 3800 rpm.

Driving the Vito was a comfortable and smooth experience owing to its independent, multi-wishbone back suspension. As a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the Vito offered enhanced traction and stability. It also featured a 6-speed manual transmission, giving drivers a better command over their driving dynamics, whether it is cruising on the highway or navigating through the city. Another notable feature of this vehicle is its fuel tank capacity, at 22 gallons, which offered decent driving range before the need for refuelling. This, combined with the Vito’s diesel engine and advanced features, makes it a versatile and reliable minivan.

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