The Mercedes-Benz, X-Class 1st generation, gracefully makes its debut in the global automotive stage starting from 2017 lasting until 2020. As a distinguished entry in the renowned pickup series, this model exhibits classic Mercedes styling and unparalleled automotive engineering. It carries the signature ‘X 250 D 7G-Tronic Plus’ trim and proudly retains the ancestral pickup body type. With a capacity to comfortably accommodate up to five passengers, this car successfully combines luxury with practicality.

Immediately under the hood, the X-Class is powered by a Common Rail Injection Type diesel engine. The Inline layout of the 4 cylinders, accompanied by 4 valves per cylinder, all tied together by a Biturbo boost system, introduce a new level of high-performance efficiency to the pickup class. The 3.315-inch Cylinder Bore along with a 3.939mm Stroke Cycle explain why this dynamic machine manages to squeeze out significant performance on and off-road. Meticulously calibrated for perfect operation, the engine reaches the turnover of maximum torque at 2500 RPM and can pull out a solid 190 horsepower at 3750 RPM. The presence of an efficient intercooler certainly contributes to the overall high-grade power management, guaranteeing you a swift and highly responsive drive every time.

To smoothly handle the power produced by the engine, the X-Class employs an mercedes-benz-r-class-w251-2005-2010-aicontent/” title=”[aicontent] Write this as a title "Mercedes-Benz R-Class W251 (2005 – 2010)"[/aicontent]”>automatic 7-speed transmission that aids in seamless shifting and precise power delivery to the rear wheels. This strategic setup, amalgamating engine power with drivetrain efficiency, offers an elite driving experience synonymous with the prestigious Mercedes-Benz brand. The car is fitted with a multi-wishbone rear suspension incorporated with helical springs, designed to adapt to different terrains and providing an exceptional on-road feel, even when driving under heavy load situations. Despite unknown aspects and specifications of the X-Class, it should not be overlooked that this is a masterpiece by Mercedes-Benz, bringing in a new age of luxury combined with the bare bone toughness of a pickup. While the remaining mysteries about the X-Class might draw more curiosity, one thing is certain, when it comes to luxury pickups, the 1st generation Mercedes-Benz X-Class has undoubtedly left an indelible mark.

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