The Mercedes-Benz M-Class, W166 from 2011-2015, embodies the luxury and performance of the renowned German automaker. The car, which belongs to the crossover 5-door series, is a special breed designed to offer exceptional performance and comfort. Its Ml 350 Bluetec 7G-Tronic Plus 4Matic trim further enhances its uniqueness in the automobile industry. With its comfortable five-seat arrangement, coupled with a distinctive body type that defines what a high-end crossover should look like, this machine promises an exciting driving experience.

Under the hood of the M-Class W166, one discovers the heart of this extraordinary vehicle. The car is equipped with a robust v-type diesel engine that utilizes common-rail injection. This six-cylinder engine delivers 258 horsepower at 3600 RPM and is turbo-charged for extra power and efficiency. The presence of an intercooler ensures the engine doesn’t overheat, allowing the car to maintain optimal performance even under demanding conditions. Furthermore, each cylinder includes four valves, a configuration that promotes better air and fuel mixture, ultimately leading to improved engine output.

With all-wheel drive propulsion, driving in different terrains becomes a lot smoother and reliable. The M-Class features a smooth 7-speed automatic transmission, enabling seamless shift of gears for optimum performance. Fuel efficiency is also considered in the design, with a fuel tank capacity of 21 gallons that supports the car’s diesel engine. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 12 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 139 mph. The independent, lever, dampers, and spring back suspension of the vehicle ensures a comfortable ride, regardless of the road’s condition. Driving the Mercedes-Benz M-Class W166, therefore, translates to enjoying the ultimate driving experience where power, luxury and comfort are masterfully combined.

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