The Mercedes-Benz C-Class W203 series, specifically the 2004-2007 editions, represents the paragon of German engineering ingenuity and a classic instance of remarkable vehicle redesigning. One eye-catching model from this generation is the five-door wagon, the C 320 Cdi MT, that comfortably accommodates five passengers. From the wagon body style perfect for family trips or business maneuverability to the intricately refined trim, this vehicle embodies the time-tested Mercedes-Benz heritage of luxury, performance, and an unchallenged reputation.

The model operates on a powerful diesel engine, a common rail injection type constituting six V-type cylinders with four valves each. It’s fascinating to know that each cylinder bore measures approximately 3.237 inches, with a stroke cycle of around 3.588mm. These figures, coupled with a turbo boost and a formidable engine horsepower of 224 reached at 3800RPM, assures both city and highway drivers of uncompromised speed and effortless torque delivery. Additionally, an intercooler is present in this thrilling ride, contributing to engine efficiency and performance while reducing heat-induced engine wear.

Moreover, the C 320 Cdi MT boasts a rear-wheel drivetrain and a manual transmission with six gears, promising an immersive and customizable driving experience. With a fuel tank capacity of approximately 16 gallons and using diesel as its fuel grade, achieving long, uninterrupted journeys in this vehicle is guaranteed. Additionally, it exhibits stellar acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in a mere 13 seconds, with a mind-blowing top speed of 152 mph. Truly, the specifics of this model, ranging from a multi wishbone, spring, and stabilizer bar in the back suspension system, epitomizes the brilliance and refined craftsmanship embodied in every Mercedes-Benz creation.

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