The Mercedes-Benz W124 is an iconic car model of the illustrious German automotive history. This classic beast was produced between the years 1984 and 1994, marking its presence in the first generation of the renowned Mercedes-Benz lineup. It’s an impressive 2-doors Coupe-Hardtop that holds nothing back, offering a tantalizing trim of 2.3 At that screams luxury and elegance. Expertly designed to accommodate four passengers comfortably, the W124 ensures that every ride is a phenomenal experience.

What sets the W124 Coupe-Hardtop apart is its roaring engine. It operates on a gasoline engine type, featuring a 4-cylinder, inline cylinder layout. The engine’s stroke cycle is an impressive 3.12 mm, complemented by an intriguing cylinder bore which is about 3.705 inches. The engine placement is at the front in a longitudinal manner, enhancing stability and improving performance greatly. Moreover, the W124 boasts a Multi-point fuel injection system that enhances its fuel efficiency and power output. Underneath its hood, it hosts a commendable engine capacity of 0.081187979 ft3, delivering an impressive 136 HP at 3500 RPM.

The W124 offers Rear Wheel Drive, transferring power from its engine to the rear wheels, enhancing traction and control for a smoother and safer driving experience. It employs an Automatic transmission system that ensures the W124 delivers a responsive, quick, and seamless driving experience with its 4-gear system. The car showcases an impressive fuel tank capacity of 18 gallons and accomplishes an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 17 seconds on a 95-grade fuel. Its back suspension technology further ensures your drives are as smooth as possible, equipped with independent, spring suspension. The W124 embodies the premium E class of Mercedes-Benz and is a delightful representation of German expertise and craftsmanship.

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