Mercedes-Benz, one of the most reputable car manufacturers over the last century, ventured again into creating excellence with their model – the Vito. This model, which existed from 2014 to 2020, is an iteration of the Tourer Minivan series which boasts a reliable 4-door layout. Part of the W447 generation, the Vito 109 Cdi Mt L1, a minivan body type, efficiently serves as a luxury vehicle for families and companies needing ample space for seven passengers and their paraphernalia.

Under the hood, this minivan uses a powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine combined with common rail injection, promising a smooth, efficient ride. The engine of the Vito 109 Cdi Mt L1 comes with 4 valves per cylinder and utilizes turbo boost to provide an enhanced driving experience. The diesel engine derives power from an engine size that measures 0.056432532 ft³ and provides 88 horsepower at 3800 RPM. Even though this may not seem colossal on paper, the Vito knows exactly how to utilize what it has to deliver a blend of performance and efficiency.

For easy navigation and smooth driving experience, the machine possesses a manual transmission and six-speed gearbox that assures a driver maximum control and adaptability to various driving conditions. Its front-wheel drive layout ensures great handling on all sorts of terrains. The fuel tank can comfortably carry 15 gallons of Diesel, which can give impressive mileage due to the vehicle’s well-structured and efficient engine. Safety is also a key feature in this model with a superior back suspension system featuring an independent stabilizer bar to guarantee stable maneuverability.

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