The Mercedes-Benz W124, generation 1, truly defines what a classic, long-lasting car really means. Produced from 1984 to 1994, this beast from the iconic German carmaker has combined aesthetics, performance, and technology into one remarkable package. As a wagon with a 5-door design, it brought a unique blend of practical usability and the distinct Mercedes-Benz charm.

One of the engine features highlighting this trim is the distributed injection system, a progressive engineering leap from the traditional carburetor systems. This technology excels in distributing fuel efficiently to all six inline cylinders. Equipped with a powerful 3.198 inch bore, 3.12 mm stroke cycle, and a pair of valves per cylinder, the engine churns out a robust 160 HP at an impressive 5800 RPM, providing ample power for all kinds of driving requirements. The full drive wheels coupled with an automatic transmission and 4 gears lend an effortless driving experience even on challenging terrains.

The Mercedes-Benz W124, 2.6 At 4Wd, bears an independent, spring-based back suspension system for an ultra-smooth ride even in demanding paths. It runs on 95-grade fuel, conforming to the guidelines of most countries around the globe. With an 18G fuel tank capacity, long journeys are convenient as frequent fuel stops are eliminated, adding to the car’s appeal for those seeking adventure. The car comfortably accommodates five passengers, allowing friends and family to enjoy the ultimate Mercedes-Benz driving experience. Despite the abundance of modern, extravagant cars today, the 1st generation Mercedes-Benz W124 continues to hold its own unique charm and still holds a significant space among classic car enthusiasts worldwide.

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