The Mercedes-Benz E-Class generation W212 Sedan, launched in 2013, is an excellent embodiment of German engineering and sophistication. This model of the iconic E-Class series retains the signature Mercedes-Benz styling and luxury, all while integrating the latest advancements in comfort and technology. This particular trim, the 2.1 AT Sedan, is characterized by its distinct silhouette, plush interiors, and uncompromising performance.

At the heart of this vehicle is a front-longitudinal, inline 4-cylinder diesel engine. This efficient engine is capable of a maximum power of approximately 134.102 HP at 2800 RPM. Additionally, it is supported by a 7-speed automatic transmission, facilitating seamless gear shifts and excellent riding comfort whether in city traffic or on highways. The 2.1 AT Sedan also delivers an impressive acceleration; it can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 15 seconds, with a notable top speed of about 129 MPH.

Despite its elegant appearance, the W212 Sedan is more than capable of comfortably seating five occupants, with four doors to ensure easy access for all passengers. As an extension of its commitment to performance, it features a rear-wheel-drive system. When the 16-gallon fuel tank is filled with diesel-grade fuel, drivers can expect excellent mileage. In terms of suspension, the vehicle is equipped with an independent spring back suspension, ensuring a smooth ride for passengers. With significant attention to every detail, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 2.1 AT Sedan showcases the luxury, performance, and efficiency that the brand is renowned for.

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