The Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463, produced from 1990 to 2008, is renowned for its classic appearance, unmistakable off-road demeanor, and impressive performance capabilities. As part of the coveted SUV 3 Doors series, it is characterized by a generous and comfortable interior capacity, housing seating for five – a hallmark of Mercedes-Benz commitment to the blend of luxury and utility. Although the car body type is unknown, the design, style, and build of the W463 Generation live up to the reputation of elegance and solidity that is synonymous with Mercedes-Benz, reflecting the principles of German efficiency and functionality.

At the heart of the G-Class W463 lies a V-Type 6-cylinder diesel engine, which has been loved and admired by enthusiasts and car buffs. It is capable of putting out 224 horsepower at an RPM of 3800, which results in a strong, responsive performance. Its maximum power output is 221.2683 HP. With four valves per cylinder and a turbocharged boost, this diesel engine’s cylinder bore measures 3.237 inches. As for the stroke cycle – it measures 3.588mm.

The G-Class W463 is equipped with an automatic transmission system with seven gears. It ensures smooth shifts between gears, promising reduced engine strain and better fuel efficiency. It is also fitted with drive wheels for full back suspension to guarantee a ride that is as smooth as it is powerful. The fuel tank capacity stands at 25 gallons, which coupled with an impressive maximum speed of 110 miles per hour and an acceleration time of 15 seconds from 0 to 60, reveal the G-Class W463’s ability to combine luxury with performance. Originating from Germany and belonging to car class J, the 3-door Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463, with its robust engine layout and sophisticated features, is indeed a testament to the luxury automaker’s long-standing ethos of supreme quality, luxury, and performance.

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