The Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213, starting its generation from 2016, is a symbol of luxury, performance, and technology. This car is modelled as a Coupe, a sleek and sporty rendition of the reputable E-Class. The model carries a 3.5 AT trim with the capacity to comfortably accommodate five passengers. The striking feature is the large wheel size of R14: 235/45/R17 that delivers unparalleled toughness and superior road grip, offering an enjoyable and smooth drive on wide variety of terrains.

The drive dynamics of this vehicle are incredibly impressive. It houses a V-Type engine configuration that operates on premium unleaded fuel (95 Grade). This engine is equipped with Direct Injection technology that promises lower emissions and better fuel efficiency. The E-class comes with six cylinders, each housing four valves and providing a substantial power output. Running on petrol, the E-Class yields a maximum horsepower of approximately 306 Hp, achieved optimally at 6500 rpm. This vast engine power shows its prowess on the road, accelerating from 0 to 60 M/H in a swift 10 seconds and reaching a top speed of 155 miles per hour.

Underneath the well-crafted exterior, the E-Class Coupe comes with a 7-speed automatic transmission that ensures seamless gear shifting and superior drive performance. Deploying a rear wheel drive train, the car offers an exhilarating drive and a commanding road presence. The engineers have done an excellent job installing an independent, spring type back suspension system that absorbs shocks and maintains the vehicle’s balance on uneven paths as well. Emerging from the heart of Germany, this 2-door marvel stands as an epitome of luxury and performance in the E-class series by Mercedes-Benz.

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