Mercedes-Benz has proven once again that intricate design, luxury, and high-performance can all be found in an SUV form factor with the GLA-Class X156 redesign. Introduced in 2017 and produced until 2020, this series was a clear illustration of the brand’s commitment to evolving the definition of what a crossover can be. Notably, the trim of this model is the 180 D 7G-DCT, a diesel-powered luxury marvel that lives up to the carmaker’s reputation for delivering peak performance without compromising on luxury or aesthetics.

When it comes to the GLA Class’s performance, the specifics of the under-the-hood details are impressive. The vehicle is powered by an inline diesel engine that employs common rail injection and turbo boost technology. The engine is constructed with 4 cylinders, each having 4 valves. The engine achieves maximum torque at about 2500 RPM, and its efficiency is further evidenced by its horsepower of 109 at 4000 RPM. Subsequently, these features successfully blend to deliver an SUV that is as efficient as it is smooth in operation on the drive.

As for the rest of this GLA’s features, the automobile’s drivetrain is powered by a 7-gear robot transmission that is coupled with a front-wheel-drive setup. This ensures that the vehicle maintains excellent traction and control across a variety of terrains and driving conditions. It boasts an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 19 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 118mph. With a fuel tank capacity of 13 gallons, long journeys without frequent stops for refuels come as a convenience. The independent, multi-wishbone, spring back suspension allows for an incredibly comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads. All these features housed in a crossover body designed to seat five comfortably make the Mercedes Benz GLA-Class a choice that perfectly marries practical functionality with luxury.

In summary, the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class X156 is a car that presents a unique blend of luxury and efficiency. It offers comfortable seating for five in a luxurious environment, superior fuel efficiency, advanced suspension technology for smoother rides, and a powerful, reliable diesel engine. Its performance and meticulously executed looks extend the Mercedes-Benz legacy of producing the finest vehicles in the market to the 2017-2020 era, proving that style and substance can indeed come together in a spectacularly harmonious manner.

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