For nearly two decades, the Mercedes-Benz G320 5At, part of the esteemed G-Class, thrived in the elite world of luxury vehicles. Introduced in 1990 and part of the W463 generation, this top-performing SUV brought a fusion of power, resilience, and opulence that Mercedes-Benz has always been renowned for. Built as a crossover with 5 seats, this 3-door marvel was aimed to deliver an unparalleled driving experience for both on-road ad off-road routes.

Powered by a gasoline engine, the G320 5At boasted a V-type cylinder layout with 6 cylinders. Each cylinder was configured with 3 valves, contributing to the overall capacity of 0.112971007 ft3. The multi-point fuel injection system ensured to feed the precise amount of fuel for optimum engine performance. The cylinder bore measured in at 3.471 inches, and the stroke cycle was noted to be 3.276 mm. These measurements signified a robust and high-capacity engine that churned out a commendable 215 engine horsepower at 5500 RPM. With a turnover of maximum torque at 4800 RPM, the G320 5At undoubtedly symbolized heavy-duty power and seamless performance.

The brilliance of the Mercedes-Benz G320 5At further extended to its drivetrain and transmission configurations. The vehicle is an all-wheel drive, a characteristic associated with superior traction and improved handling, making it a preferable choice for varied terrains and conditions. Mated to the mechanical power of this SUV was an automatic transmission system with 5 gears, designed to deliver smooth, effortless shifts while contributing to the overall fuel efficiency. The car was introduced with a generous 25-gallon fuel tank capacity, and it required a fuel grade of 95. The acceleration from 0-60 mph was a respectable 19 seconds, and the maximum speed this powerhouse promised was 109 mph. The vehicle was equipped with a durable trailing arms back suspension, a significant attribute for a breezy and shock-resistant ride.

In essence, the Mercedes-Benz G320 5At (1990-2008) delivers a harmonious blend of power, performance, and luxury. With its excellent engineering combined with a design aimed for sheer opulence and comfort, it undeniably stands as one of the revolutionary models from the house of Mercedes. Its diverse off-road and on-road capabilities further accentuate its reputation as a formidable player in the SUV segment.

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