The Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463, year manufactured from 1990 to 2008 epitomizes luxury and function in an SUV. This crossover vehicle, with its charismatic G 350 TD AT trim, offers an intriguing mix of style and functionality that the Mercedes-Benz signature always signifies. With room for five passengers, this Benz offers plenty of space while riding on the streets or cruising on highways, delivering remarkable comfort and convenience for each of the occupants.

The heart of this macho machine lies in the inline engine, powered by Diesel fuel. While respecting the strict emission norms, the G-Class W463 model houses a six-cylinder robust engine matched with a multi-point fuel injection system. The turbo boost type, along with the presence of an intercooler, ensures optimum performance even under challenging driving conditions. Further, each of the cylinders features two valves, all synchronized to maximize the engine efficiency. Running at a maximum torque RPM of 1800, the engine delivers a horsepower of 136 at 4600 RPM.

Accompanying its mighty engine are features that further enhance the robust characteristics of this Mercedes-Benz model. The SUV is equipped with an automatic transmission system containing four gears. The all-wheel-drive configuration ensures impressive road handling and grip under different terrains and weather conditions. Another impressive attribute is the car’s fuel tank capacity. Holding up to 25 gallons, the G-Class offers extended cruising range, be it city commutes or long-distance travel. A fast 0-60 m/h acceleration of 28 seconds and a maximum speed of 95 mph elevate the performance of the machine even further. At the rear, trailing arms suspension ensures a snug ride, absorbing imperfections of any road surface.

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