The Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 Series, specifically from the production years 1995-1999, consist of an impressive lineup to consider. Their unique key features encapsulate the brand’s innovative engineering technology and splendidly redefine the mid-sized luxury car segment. One of their intriguing models is the Wagon 5-doors, with a trim level of 2.5 MT. It stands as a classic embodiment of Mercedes-Benz’s prestigious historical background and fine design as an automobile manufacturing giant hailing from Germany.

Under the hood, this rear-wheel-drive machine harbors a diesel engine with an inline layout of five cylinders. Each cylinder accommodates 4 valves, robustly built to resist wear and tear, translating into dependable longevity associated with this reputable brand. With a bore and stroke measuring 3.393 inches and 3.276 mm respectively, the combustion chamber size is well optimized to handle fuel efficiently. Fueled by diesel, the engine can comfortably churn out a maximum power output of 113 HP at an engine speed of 2800 rotations per minute.

Although the classic Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 Series Wagon comes with a manual transmission, this does not compromise its smooth functionality on the road. A driver can swiftly shift through its five gears, offering seamless acceleration capabilities from zero to sixty mph in 26 seconds. The car comes fitted with an R14 wheel size of 195/65/R15, all designed to offer firm road grip for optimum stability. Moreover, the car can hold up to 18 gallons of fuel in its tank. The car also boasts an independent, spring back suspension system that works in conjunction with the car’s engineered structure to offer uncompromised ride comfort over various road terrains.

This model comfortably accommodates up to 45053 occupants, facilitating for an equally roomy and luxurious travel experience synonymous with the E-class. Additionally, each Mercedes-Benz wagon from the W210 series further stands out with its 5-door design. The design does not just ease entry and exit but gives the vehicle an alluring stance that’s both striking and respectable. With all these features integrated, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 Series Wagon certainly upholds the brand’s sterling reputation. Despite its age, owning one becomes not just a point of pride, but it also is a testament to timeless class and performance.

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