The Mercedes-Benz W123 is a legendary car, known for its elegance and longevity, produced by the elite German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz between 1975 and 1985. This first-generation model was released as a sedan with a 3.0 MT trim, easily accommodating up to 5 occupants. Its appeal was extended with a refined rear wheel drive, a traditional feature primed to maximize traction and create a smooth, balanced drive. A manual transmission was connected to the drive wheels, ensuring enthusiasts could engage with the car with complete control, delivering a hands-on driving experience that is often lost in modern, electronically-assisted automobiles.

Under the bonnet, the W123 was equipped with an inline diesel engine, comprising five cylinders, each with two valves. The non-turbocharged powerplant offered a satisfactory 88 horsepower at 2400 rpm. The bore and stroke of the engine were 3.51 inches and 3.588 mm respectively, which indicates a design focusing on low-end torque and fuel efficiency. This engine was longitudinally mounted, a traditional setup in which the engine is placed along the car’s length, thus offering a better front-rear weight distribution.

Designed for comfort and stability, the W123 boasted a unique wheel size of 175/80/R14. Further complementing its quality ride, the car had an independent spring back suspension, designed to provide smoother handling and superior ride comfort. The diesel capacity of the W123 was well represented with a fuel tank capacity of 17 gallons, ensuring long journeys could be undertaken with ease. However, for those mindful of speed, it is worth noting that the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is achieved in 29 seconds. Despite this, the car was hailed as a timeless gem, contributing significantly to the Mercedes-Benz heritage, an undeniable testament to German engineering.

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