The Mercedes Benz Vito generation W447 is a tourer minivan that has been a popular choice for many since its inception in 2014 and has had a great run until 2020. It boasts of a unique blend of elegance and functionality, creating an opportunity for a sophisticated ride. This particular model, the 111 Cdi Mt L1, is a four-door minivan and ranks supreme when it comes to performance, comfort, and style.

The Vito is equipped with a diesel engine, a common rail injection type, and a turbo boost type providing unmatched power and efficiency. The inline cylinder layout of the engine comprises four cylinders with four valves per cylinder, thus enabling smooth and effortless driving experience. It exhibits a maximum torque at 2000 rpm with a horsepower of 114 running at 3800 rpm. The engine has a cylinder bore of 3.12 inches and a stroke cycle of 3.081 mm, creating a perfect balance between power and comfort.

The Vito also enjoys the efficiency of a Manual six-gear transmission system, along with superior front-wheel drive. This ensures the exciting adventure of a smooth ride and a control flow of power from the engine to the drive wheels. It also has a fuel tank capacity of 15 gallons, allowing long drives without constant refueling breaks. The type of fuel used is diesel ensuring cheaper costs than petrol counterparts. The Vito suspends on an independent, stabilizer bar system at the back, ensuring a comfortable ride even on bumpy terrains. The Vito, in all its glory, provides a seating arrangement for seven, making it an ideal choice for family trips or group adventures. Its undeniable charm, paired with its excellent engineering and design, has often made it a beloved choice among car enthusiasts. From grocery trips to sophisticated family get-togethers, the Mercedes-Benz Vito has always been the reliable companion one seeks in a vehicle.

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