The Mercedes-Benz Cla-Class stands as a shining example of German automotive ingenuity. In its generation C117 redesign from 2016-2020, the wagon implemented various innovative upgrades while beautifully maintaining its original traditional design. Its 5-door shooting brake model radiates a certain glamour and sportiness that effortlessly complements its practicality. The trim of this car, the 2.1 Mt elevates the overall quality of the vehicle and enhances equipped features. This edition doesn’t lose its elegance, seating up to 5 people while being bold with a wheel size of 205/55 R14.

Under its detailed and sleek exterior, the Wagon hides a marvel of an engine, a diesel Inline 4. Four cylinders, each with 4 valves, work in harmony to provide immense power. This engine model has a bore and a stroke cycle of 3.43 inches each, an impressive proportion in the engine world. The turbo boost feature incorporated into the engine’s design bolsters its overall performance. This engine’s power output is equally noteworthy, producing 134.102 maximum horsepower and an engine horsepower of 136, which turns over at 3600 rpm, while the maximum rpm turnover of torque reaches up to 1400.

The transmission system is manual, catering to all those who prefer to be in absolute control of their vehicle. Mercedes-Benz crafted this Cla-Class with a 6-gear design, allowing for smooth shifting and an immersive driving experience. Coupled with a front-wheel drive layout, this vehicle ensures maximum control and stability. The 13 gallon fuel tank capacity allows for long journeys without frequent stops for refueling. The vehicle is fuel-efficient, operating on diesel fuel. Considering suspension, the Mercedes-Benz uses an independent multi-link back suspension, a system known for superior control and stability. This excellent model, originating from Germany, features 4 doors and combines style, comfort, and performance. It is a marvel of German engineering and a testament to the Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to excellence.

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