The Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211/S211 redesign from 2006 to 2009 offers a unique blend of excellent craftsmanship and unmatched performance. This specific series, the Wagon 5-Doors, E 280 CDI 4Matic AT, distinguishes itself with upscale sophistication and splendid engineering. Best described as a blend of luxury, comfort, and technology, the Wagon 5-Doors E 280 CDI 4Matic AT wagon is branded as the epitome of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class design mentality.

The heart of the E 280 CDI 4Matic AT is the V-Type 6-cylinder engine. This innovative powerplant operates on diesel, utilizing a e-class-w212-s212-c207-a207-redesign-2013-2017/” title=”Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212/S212/C207/A207 [redesign] (2013 – 2017)”>common rail injection type. It is engineered for maximum performance with an engine horsepower of 190 at 4000 RPM, featuring 4 valves per cylinder. The presence of a turbo boost type elevates the engine’s dynamism, while the presence of an intercooler ensures thermal efficiency. At maximum torque, the engine offers a smooth turnover at 2800 RPM, a figure that stands testament to the brilliant engineering behind Mercedes-Benz.

This Wagon 5-Doors model excels not only under the hood but also on the move. The 2006-2009 E 280 CDI 4Matic AT sports an automatic transmission with 5 gears. Geared with an all-wheel-drive system, it provides optimum handling and traction in any driving condition. The vehicle’s performance is further accentuated by a swift acceleration from 0-60 miles in just 14 seconds and a maximum speed of 140 miles per hour. Despite such impressive performance, the car still offers a reasonably good fuel economy thanks to its diesel engine and an 18-gallon fuel tank, therefore making it a high-performing, fuel-efficient wagon.

The Mercedes-Benz E 280 CDI 4Matic AT doesn’t compromise on comfort and sophistication either. The vehicle has a seating capacity of 5, making it an ideal choice for families seeking luxury and convenience. For a superior and controlled ride, the vehicle uses a back suspension comprising a multi-wishbone, dampers, and springs. This combination of performance, comfort, and sleek design is referred to as the distinguishing factor that sets the E-Class apart from its competitors.

In conclusion, the Mercedes Benz E-Class Wagon 5-door E 280 CDI 4Matic AT is a masterpiece that is designed to capture the best of performance and luxury. The 2006 to 2009 models provide an exceptional driving experience, superior comfort, and an indulging blend of technology and style. With its impressive 6-cylinder diesel engine and all-wheel drive, this luxury wagon truly carries the legacy of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

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