The Mercedes-Benz E-Class generation W213, a Coupe launched in 2016, elegantly embodies German ingenuity and engineering prowess. Meticulously designed with 5 seats, this beast under the hood houses a 3.0 AT 4WD trim famed for its sheer power and control. The vehicle’s wheel size is a sizable 245/45/R18 which provides an outstanding grip on the road, ensuring safety and stability in various driving conditions.

This Mercedes E-Class coupe is powered by a reliable petrol engine with Direct Injection and a turbine boost, maximizing its performance. The engine comes with a V-type cylinder layout with six cylinders, each cylinder boasting 4 valves. The details of the engine display a harmonious blend of power and efficiency, as the cylinder bore stands at 3.432 in, and the stroke cycle stands at 3.198 mm, strategically set in the front which is longitudinal.

The notable aspect of this Mercedes model is its engine power, producing a maximum power of 362.0754 hp, with an engine hp of 367, which hits its peak at 5500 rpm. The car’s acceleration is commendable, going 0-60 mph in just 8 seconds, and reaching a max speed of 155 mph. A 9-gear automatic transmission system smoothly manages this power, contributing to the vehicle’s unparalleled performance. Despite its astounding power, the vehicle demonstrates impressive fuel efficiency, with a fuel tank capacity of 13 gallons and working on a fuel grade of 95. The back suspension is an independent spring design, contributing to a smooth and controlled ride. The undeniable class and elegance of this coveted E-Class Coupe perfectly capture the essence of its country of origin, Germany. The two-door design adds to its undeniable appeal, promising an exciting on-road experience.

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