The Mercedes-Benz C-Class W202/S202 series, specifically the 4-door sedan produced between 1997 and 2001, was a game-changing model for the automotive giant. This model gave tangible form to the combination of classic Mercedes design principles and an innovative approach in the line of sedans. The specific vehicle’s trim under consideration is the C 200 Diesel AT; which envelops distinguished craftsmanship and remarkable engineering inside a dashingly eye-catching outer shell. As a mid-size car offering comfortable seating for five, its ergonomics precisely cater to the comfort of all occupants without compromising on the space.

The notable standout characteristic of the C 200 Diesel AT model is its Diesel engine, unlike most of its contemporary competitors that were gasoline-powered. This sedan is powered by a multi-point fuel injection, inline four-cylinder diesel engine. The configuration has four valves per cylinder with a cylinder bore of 3.393 inches and a stroke cycle of 3.276 mm. Interestingly, the engine manages to pump out a decent 88 horsepower at 5000 RPM. Its diesel heart gives the sedan a unique driving personality that offers a distinctively smooth and quiet driving experience, enhanced by its intelligent automatic transmission and rear-wheel-drive system.

This particular W202 Mercedes-Benz model boasts an impressive fuel tank capacity of 16 gallons, enabling longer drives without the need for frequent refuelling. This makes it well suited for those adventurous cross-country road trips or extended city commuting. Additionally, it’s equipped with an independent, multi-wishbone, spring, stabilizer-bar rear suspension, providing clear enhancements in terms of overall ride comfort and handling. Despite the limited top speed of 104 mph, the vehicle impresses with its responsive nature and well-weighted steering, elevating every drive into something to look forward to. This certainly illustrates how the Mercedes-Benz C200 Diesel AT harmoniously merges performance, comfort, and style; holding true to the Mercedes legacy.

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