The Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG W177 series (2019) is a hatchback with 5 doors that declares power, style and luxury. Outfitted with a robust 2.0 AMT 4WD petrol engine and seating capability for 5. Built on the legacy of the ingenious minds and German engineering, the W177 offers the promise of both performance and elegance. The car dons impressive wheel size R14: 245/35/R19 which adds a touch of muscularity while ensuring steady drive.

The engine is as impressive as the exterior, the car houses a combined injection (direct-distributed) system and an inline cylinder layout with 4 cylinders. Further optimizing its performance is the integral boost type turbine. The engine architecture reveals the meticulous engineering with a sharp attention to details featuring a cylinder bore in 3.237 and stroke cycle mm at 3.588. The engine finds its place at the front cross-section of the car, optimizing airflow for the engine to breathe freely. It churns out a massive 421 horsepower at 6750 RPM, the power is then transmitted seamlessly through its 8-gear robotic transmission system, ensuring a smooth and instant response on every throttle input.

As expected in a powerhouse like the AMG A-Class, the car makes an impression with its performance stats. The car zooms from 0 to 60 mph in just 6 seconds, and can reach a top speed of approximately 168 mph. Adding to the dynamic aspects of this vehicle is the presence of an independent, spring back suspension, ensuring an incredibly smooth ride even under tough terrains. The tank capacity of the car is around 13 gallons, and makes use of 98-grade fuel. With its roots tracing back to Germany, the W177 illustrates the refined capabilities of European engineering at its finest.

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