The Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been a venerable stalwart in the luxury sedan market for decades now, consistently delivering a high level of comfort, style, and performance with each iteration. However, very few generations of this celebrated line of vehicles hold as much historical weight in the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts than the W124 generation, particularly the 260 4Matic Mt Sedan model, released between 1987 and 1993. These cars are widely acknowledged for finding a perfect balance between the prestige and opulence that has always been a hallmark of the Mercedes-Benz brand, and the technological and engineering advancements that are a prerequisite for any vehicle in the luxury sedan segment.

Under the hood, the 260 4Matic Mt houses an inline six-cylinder gasoline engine, a configuration that is famous for its balance and smoothness. Each cylinder has two valves, and with its 3.198-inch bore and 3.12 mm stroke cycle, this engine was able to generate as much as 160 horsepower at 5800 RPM – an impressive figure for its time. This engine’s torque peaks at 4600 RPM, transmitting power uniformly to all wheels. This intricate set up was complemented by a multi-point Fuel Injection system, which further ensured the engine’s optimum performance.

The W124 260 4Matic Mt had a 5-speed manual transmission, which offered drivers complete control over gear shifts. This combination of engine power and transmission capabilities resulted in a top speed of 127 mph and allowed the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 17 seconds – a laudable feat for a sedan. Furthermore, with a fuel tank capacity of 18 gallons and a recommended fuel grade of 92, this vehicle was designed to effectively balance performance and efficiency. On the handling side, the back suspension consisted of an independent, multi wishbone, stabilizer bar, significantly improving the driving experience. In conclusion, despite the lapse of several decades, the W124 260 4Matic Mt, with its impressive blend of technology and luxury, remains a benchmark of excellence in the luxury sedan market.

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