Welcome to the world of German craftsmanship exemplified by the Mercedes-Benz Vito W639, which underwent a major redesign between the years 2010 and 2015. This Mixto Minivan series of the Mercedes-Benz Vito is powered by a 122 Cdi At Compact inline V6 diesel engine mated to an automatic transmission. A mechanical marvellous piece designed to offer power, efficiency and smoothness. With a seating capacity of five, this minivan serves as an excellent choice for medium-size families or groups looking for a luxury ride.

The engine of this Mercedes Benz Vito 122 CDI is built upon the common rail injection technology. Bolstered by a turbocharger, these common rail engines use a high-pressure fuel rail to deliver fuel to the solenoid valves thereby enabling better control over fuel injection. The V type 6 cylinder engine mingled with its 4 valves per cylinder, essentially suggests a quick, responsive, and smooth operation. Adding to its impeccably high performance, the substantial torque count ensures that the vehicle hits maximum torque at 2800 RPM. Coupled with a 224 horsepower engine, this Vito is designed for both city and highway drives, with a finely calibrated balance between speed, power, comfort, and safety.

The vehicle is equipped with rear-wheel drive and a five-speed automatic transmission, guaranteeing a seamless ride. With a gargantuan fuel capacity of 22 gallons, this diesel-powered minivan can cover long distances without refuelling, thereby making it a perfect commodity for long leisurely roams or professional commutes. The vehicle features an independent, multi-wishbone rear suspension, enhancing its stability and offering comfort on the move. This turbocharged Mercedes-Benz Vito manifests German precision and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for consumers seeking luxury, performance, and class all in one package.

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