Mercedes-Benz has always set the benchmark for luxury and performance in the automobile industry, and the 2020 E-Class Coupe exhibits all the hallmarks of the marque. This 5th generation German machine, comes with a renewed design and robust engineering couched in its elegant bodywork. Under the bonnet, this model runs on a diesel engine that’s positioned longitudinally at the front of the car. The 2.0 AT 4WD trim coupled with an automatic gearbox of 9-speeds guarantees smoothness and precision on any road surface. Designed as a full-drive vehicle, the E-Class Coupe delivers exceptional stability and traction in varying driving conditions.

The E-Class Coupe offers an impressive power output, making it a leader in the sports coupe market. The inline Diesel engine, consists of 4 cylinders, each having 4 valves, brings out a maximum power of 194 Horsepower at 3800 rpm. Thanks to the incorporation of a turbine as a boost type, the torque achieves maximum turnover at as low as 1600 rpm. This makes the car incredibly responsive and swift in terms of acceleration. Moreover, the mercedes-benz-e-class-w123-1975-1986-aicontent/” title=”[aicontent] Write this as a title "Mercedes-Benz E-Class W123 (1975 – 1986)"[/aicontent]”>fuel tank capacity of the coupe stands at 13 gallons, which is sizeable enough to warrant fewer fuel stops on long journeys.

In addition to unparalleled performance, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe offers uncompromised comfort, supporting a total of five occupants. Despite the car’s undeniable athletic nature – with a remarkable top speed of 149 MPH and the ability to hit 0-60 mph in 12 seconds – Mercedes has ensured a poised and relaxing ride. From the German production line, this 2-door car comes with an independent, spring-type back suspension system. This sophisticated system largely contributes to the impressive agility of the car, whisking the passengers away on an indulgently effortless journey. In essence, the 2020 E-Class Coupe successfully combines sportiness and grand touring in an exclusive, stylish package.

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