Mercedes-Benz, renowned for its luxurious cars, brings another addition to its impressive lineup – the Vito, W447 Tourer Minivan. This 4-door, 7-seater minivan made its debut between 2014 and 2020 as a part of its series. The car model that is under dissection in this blog post is the 119 Bluetec AT L1 4X4 trim. This model of Mercedes-Benz Vito comes with some of the finest features, aligning well with the brand’s reputation for delivering high-end, ultra-comfortable vehicles.

Digging into the specifics for car-lovers and potential buyers, the heart of the Vito W447 model is the diesel engine operated by a common rail injection system. This means you can be assured of precision control and efficiency in fuel delivery, a critical aspect in the overall performance of the car. The engine boasts of four inline diesel cylinders with four valves per cylinder. At 3.237 inches in cylinder bore and a stroke cycle at 3.861 mm, prepare for efficient combustion, channeling improved power and fuel economy.

The Vito model exudes exceptional power courtesy of the presence of a turbo boost, which significantly improves the power output of its engine. This is reflected in an engine horsepower of 190 at 3800 rpm. Contextualizing this value, it is sought after by those looking for powerful all-around performance in a vehicle. The Vito’s attributes aren’t just limited to its power; it combines incredible strength with flawless vehicular operation. The diesel car hosts an automatic transmission system with 7 gears, supported by an all-wheel drive (AWD) – presenting a seamless blend of rugged resilience and posh comfort. In terms of fuel economy, the model sports a generous fuel tank capacity of 15 gallons, leading to less frequent refueling and, hence, increased driving pleasure.

Taking a peek into the car’s ride dynamics, this variant of Vito features an independent, stabilizer bar for the rear suspension. This setup has been meticulously designed to cushion the impacts of bumps and potholes on the road, ultimately ensuring smooth and comfortable rides, even on rough terrains. Regardless of the road conditions, this robust suspension system ensures optimal drivability, reduces body roll, and improves cornering stability. Despite the unknown origins of this model, potential buyers can rest assured that it upholds Mercedes-Benz’s stringent quality standards.

All in all, the Mercedes-Benz Vito W447 is an embodiment of grandeur, functionality, and reliability. With its impressive engine specifications and advanced mechanics, it raises the bar in the minivan category. Despite the few unknown attributes, one can be certain that it mirrors the brand’s legendary commitment to excellence, class, and performance. It’s a true testament to the Mercedes-Benz brand tradition of ‘The Best or Nothing.’

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