The Mercedes-Benz W123 is an emblematic face of Mercedes-Benz’s legacy. Manufactured from 1975 to 1985, the sheer craftsmanship poured into the W123, especially the luxurious Wagon 5-Doors variant, has drawn innumerable admiring glances and sparked countless nostalgic conversations. As a part of the brand’s 1st generation lineup, its unique silhouette, capturing the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, has left a timeless mark on the global auto industry.

The W123 Wagon 5-Doors is dressed with stunning exterior lines, powered by a front-longitudinal located Diesel engine of type Inline, equipped with five cylinders arranged linearly for enhanced balance and efficiency. The specifications of each cylinder are impressive, with a bore of 3.51 inches, and a stroke cycle that measures 3.588mm. This robust engine provides a maximum power output of 87.1663 horsepower at 2400 Rpm, supported by two valves per cylinder. Despite the absence of a boosting system, the W123 runs smoothly, proving that sometimes, simplicity is the best sophistication.

This well-structured beast, proudly made in Germany, offers plenty of room for five passengers and provides a captivating drive with its Rear-Wheel Drive system. Its elaborate four-speed Automatic transmission ensures smooth gear transitions for a delightful drive, whether cruising down an open highway or navigating through bustling city streets. The fuel tank holds up to 17 gallons of Diesel, providing considerable distance between fill-ups. Despite its humble horsepower, the W123 is still perky, taking 29 seconds to achieve a speed of 60mph from a stationary position. This distinctive masterpiece rides on 195/70/R14 sized wheels which team up with the Independent, Spring back suspension to deliver a plush, comfortable ride. Reflecting the true spirit of the E class, the W123, with its five doors and an unyielding commitment to top-notch quality, truly is an embodiment of Mercedes-Benz’s pursuit for perfection.

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