The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (C117 Redesign) is a stylish executive compact car that came out in 2016 and continued its production run until 2020. The Shooting Brake Wagon with five doors makes it a versatile choice for every family. Sporting the unique CLA 250 MT trim, the design is sleek, making it a car that you can’t help but notice on the road. As something that is more than just good looks, this model is a demonstration of the MB’s expert design and advanced auto technology.

Beneath the hood is a robust inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine with direct injection and turbo boost, delivering an impressive 211 horsepower. It comes paired with a six-speed manual transmission, driving performance toward the front wheels. The peak torque becomes available at around 4000 RPM, which makes it very responsive and immensely satisfying to drive, whether it’s a quick commute or a weekend getaway. Alongside its compelling power, the CLA-Class C117 manages to maintain an impressive fuel efficiency, thanks to its capability of running on a 95-grade fuel.

The top speed of the Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 MT is about 149 miles per hour, reaching 0-60 mph in around 11 seconds. Impeccable performance and superb handling further boast the dynamics of this luxurious wagon. For optimal driving comfort and safety, this Mercedes model comes equipped with an independent multi-wishbone rear suspension. The modest fuel tank capacity of 13 gallons matches the vehicle size and helps in extended run without frequent fuel station stoppages. The wagon layout and five seats make it a favorite among families and professionals who require a car that can accommodate people and luggage without compromising on style and luxury.

In conclusion, the CLA-Class C117 mercedes model is a perfect blend of style, performance, and functionality. It’s a car that matches the reputation of the Mercedes-Benz brand and continues to be a desirable model even years after production. No matter what your daily travel needs are, you can’t go wrong with this model, given its range of features and top-notch performance.

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