The Mercedes-Benz W124, a true testament to German auto engineering, produced from 1984 to 1994, boasts a classic elegance uniquely inherent to this first generation model. Being an integral member of the Wagon 5-doors series, this vintage getaway car features a spacious 5-seater arrangement and is armed with the 2.8 At trim. Encased within its sophisticated design is a gasoline engine that is impressively robust and easy to maintain – more on that as we delve into the stunning specifics of this auto masterpiece shortly.

Equipped with the attributes of a superior engine, the Mercedes-Benz W124 grasps the road with a reassuring confidence. Embodying the power of a 197hp, gasoline-operated engine, that maxes out at 3750rpm, it is one of the defining features of this model. This powerhouse hosts a multi-point fuel injection system and operates in an inline cylinder layout, utilizing 6 cylinders with 4 valves each. Catering to its dynamic performance and efficiency, it utilizes a 3.471 inches’ cylinder bore and a 2.847 mm stroke cycle, directly contributing to its superior fuel economy and performance. Yet, all of this muscular vitality is surprisingly managed by a rear-wheel-drive system and neatly packed in a front, longitudinal engine placement.

One cannot ignore the exquisite attention to detail and the seamless blend of performance and luxury the W124 offers. Its automatic transmission, coupled with a 4-speed gearbox, allows for smooth transitions between gears, ensuring a relaxed and sporty drive. Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 14 seconds, it can reach a top speed of 134 mph. As if the performance wasn’t captivating enough, the W124 accommodates an 18-gallon fuel tank, suitable to house 95 grade fuel. Further enhancing the smooth ride is an independent, spring-based back suspension system, the brainchild of E class’s innovative design. Adorned with five doors and 195/65 size R15 wheels, the car originates from Germany, the country unanimously agreed to be the capital of car manufacturing. Reflecting upon all these aspects, it’s apparent that the Mercedes-Benz W124 truly exemplifies the essence of excellent German engineering.

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