Launched in the year 2011 and produced until 2015, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model made a remarkable impression as a regal archetype of sleek design fused with outstanding performance. One of the standout models in this generation was the Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI 7G-Tronic Plus, a testament to luxury and comfort. This exceptional automobile was part of the W204/S204/C204 [Redesign] series, recognized for its stylish, avant-garde aesthetics, and efficient aerodynamics that lend it a unique value proposition. Designed as a 5-door wagon, it was equipped with a roomy, plush interior which can comfortably accommodate 5 passengers doubling up as a family vehicle or a statement ride for the executive.

Under the hood, the Mercedes C250 CDI 7G-Tronic Plus harbored an ingenious blend of mechanics and engineering. Armed with a common rail type of fuel injection system, it boasted an inline arrangement of 4 cylinders, each with 4 valves, all working in symphony to produce immense power output. The C250 CDI 7G-Tronic Plus was crowned with a diesel fuel engine, complemented with a bi-turbo boost system which underlined its high-performance ideology. Mercedes also incorporated an intercooler in this variant ensuring efficient engine operation. As a testament to its power, the machine produced an impressive turnover of maximum torque at 1800 RPM with a straightforward 204 horsepower engine that peaked at 4200 RPM.

Matched to an efficient seven-gear transmission, the C250 CDI 7G-Tronic Plus presented a fascinating blend of performance and comfort. The stability from the rear-wheel-drive system matched with the acceleration, enabling the car to hit 0-60 m/h in just 12 seconds, and achieving a top speed of 147 mph, provided a driving experience that was both exhilarating and smooth. The suspension system was equally impressive. Mercedes utilized an independent, multi-wishbone, spring, stabilizer bar set-up at the rear, allowing for superior handling and smooth rides, irrespective of the terrain. And with a fuel tank capacity of 16 gallons, the C250 CDI 7G-Tronic Plus was tailor-fitted for extended driving trips.

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