The Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV is a vehicle that epitomizes luxury, power, and practicality. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the GLC is part of the 1 Generation (253) series, which was redesigned in 2019. The SUV 5 Doors model comes with a unique trim, specifically made for a car with a 2.0 AT 4WD configuration that gives it superior driving stability in a wide breadth of terrains. This is complemented further by its full drive wheels, integrated with a 9-speed automatic transmission that delivers seamless gear shifting for optimized performance.

Powered by a diesel engine with the configuration of inline four-cylinder layout, it belts out 160.9224 HP at 3200 RPM and has a maximum torque RPM of 1600. The exact details of the engine refinement feature a 3.198 in cylinder bore and a 3.588mm stroke cycle, contributing to its powerful performance. Equipped with four valves per cylinder and a turbine boost type, it stands as a testament to the technological prowess of Mercedes-Benz. Furthermore, the engine placement plays a crucial part in the performance and handling of the GLC; it’s positioned at the front and longitudinal, adding extra balance while driving.

On the practicality front, the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV is capable of accommodating five passengers comfortably, making it an ideal choice for both families and individuals who appreciate a good drive with ample space. Its fuel tank can hold up to 13 gallons of diesel, allowing long drives without the worry of frequent refills. Acceleration is impressive as well, going from 0 to 60 mph in just 14 seconds, with a reported maximum speed of 127 mph. The car rides on wheels sized 235/65/R17, ensuring a smooth ride. Moreover, it has independent, spring-type back suspension, offering additional comfort on bumpy terrains. And let’s not forget essential features such as the roomy cabin with a capacity of approximately 0.069 ft3, a significant number for a car of its class.

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