The Mercedes-Benz Vito W447 109 CDI MT L1 is a remarkable addition to the classic lineage of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, boasting reliability, extraordinary comfort, and functional design. Manufactured between the years 2014 to 2020, this model falls under the Mixto Minivan 4-doors series. Its versatile body type aligns perfectly with the reputation Mercedes-Benz holds for refining the contouring aspect of motor vehicles. With the capability to seat up to 5 individuals, this minivan signifies the perfect balance between personal use and professional applications.

At the heart of the Mercedes-Benz Vito W447 109 CDI MT L1, you’ll discover a diesel fuel engine, designed with common rail injection type, providing a smoother and more efficient fuel injection. Further strengthening the engine are four inline cylinders, each having 4 valves, adding to its intuitive and robust performance. The bore of each cylinder measures 3.12 inches, while the entire stroke cycle is approximately 3.081 millimeters. When turbo-boosted, this engineering marvel can yield a maximum turnover of torque at 2000 RPM.

The engine comes with 88 horsepower, boasting a top-end ability to rev up to as high as 3800 RPM. Despite its high-powered performance, it still manages to maintain a decent fuel economy thanks to its 15-gallon fuel tank capacity. Power is transferred from the engine to its front wheel drive mechanism through a smooth 6-speed manual transmission, offering drivers full control over the vehicle. The vehicle’s underpinnings merit mention as well, as it sports an independent back suspension system with a stabilizer bar, ensuring a smooth journey regardless of the terrain.

In conclusion, the Mercedes-Benz Vito W447 109 CDI MT L1 is a powerful, comfortable, and reliable diesel minivan. Its intelligent design, beneficial seating capacity, robust engine configurations, and supreme handling make it an unquestionable choice for those seeking a vehicle that balances both personal and professional attributes.

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