The Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211/S211 was introduced to the public as an innovatively redesigned series from 2006 to 2009, boasting the immensely powerful E 500 7G-Tronic wagon. With its mercedes-benz-a-class-the-compact-turbocharged-diesel-hatchback-with-dynamic-performance-and-superior-german-engineering/” title=”2001-2004 Redesigned Mercedes-Benz A-Class: The Compact Turbocharged Diesel Hatchback with Dynamic Performance and Superior German Engineering”>5-door body type and the ability to comfortably seat five, this wagon harbors a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and performance. Its characteristics provide it with the dignity of a classic Mercedes-Benz, yet its powerful engine performance, smooth automatic 7-speed transmission, and rear-wheel drive place it squarely in the performance-oriented category.

Under the hood, the Mercedes-Benz E 500 7G-Tronic is equipped with a gasoline V-Type engine configuration, coming with a total of eight cylinders. The Multi-Point Fuel Injection promotes excellent fuel efficiency, and the precise arrangement of four valves per cylinder ensures optimal engine performance. The engine possesses a Cylinder bore of 3.822 in and a stroke cycle MM of 3.51, giving it an impressive 388 hp at 6000 rpm. This excellent power output coupled with a turnover of maximum torque at 4800 rpm allows for swift acceleration and significant road presence.

Despite its opulent size and generous luxury fittings, the Mercedes-Benz E 500 7G-Tronic maintains athletic capabilities. Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 9 seconds, it smoothly reaches a maximum speed of 155 mph. The car’s performance is further enhanced by its automatic transmission with 7 gears and the offered rear-wheel drive system which provides smooth handling and high-speed stability. The fuel tank capacity of 21 gallons and the consumption rate, thanks to the fuel grade 95, is certainly adequate for long journeys. The back suspension of this vehicle includes multi wishbone, dampers, and spring-only suspension type, providing extraordinary comfort and dynamics for every journey.

To summarize, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211/S211 E 500 7G-Tronic offers both expressive design and thrilling performance. Behind its robust and solid design, an engine of enormous power is hidden, making it a masterstroke of automotive design, engineering, and workmanship. This car truly represents an emblematic icon of Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to deliver the ultimate in driving pleasure.

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