The Mercedes-Benz Vito W638, produced from 1996 to 2003, was a popular minivan known for its power, comfort, and utility. Belonging to the 113 CDi MT trim, this model boasted an injection type which was a common rail. Such a system provided the minivan better efficiency, smoother run and gained popularity for its fuel economy. Coming with a seating capacity for 8, the Vito W638 was just as perfect for a large family as it was for a commercial van.

The engine was a major appeal for the Vito W638. The diesel engine featured an inline cylinder layout with 4 cylinders. Each cylinder had 4 valves, contributing to optimal airflow within the engine. The diesel engine had a cylinder bore of 3.432 inches and a stroke cycle of 3.432mm. Equipped with a turbo boost feature, the minivan could get a serious punch of power when required. The presence of an intercooler ensured that the engine didn’t overheat when generating high power output. The engine delivered an admirable power of 102 HP at 3800 RPM. Interestingly, it attained its maximum torque at just 2400 RPM ensuring easy and flexible driving even under loaded conditions.

The Vito W638 also boasted a manual transmission with 5 gears. Its front-wheel-drive configuration made it quite manageable, even for novice drivers. The vehicle efficiency didn’t fall short in terms of speed and acceleration. It could achieve a maximum speed of 96 mph and rushed from 0 to 60 mph in just 33 seconds. This fine blend of power and speed was stored in a fuel tank that could hold 21 gallons of diesel. Its suspension system on the rear was independent, equipped with levers, dampers, and helical springs, providing the passengers with a smooth and compliant ride even over rough surfaces.

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