When one thinks about Mercedes-Benz, a lineage of precision and performance-rich vehicles might come to mind. However, the brand has gone far beyond creating just luxury sedans and sports racing machines. Enter the Mercedes-Benz Vito, a car that successfully combines practicality, luxury, and performance. W638 is the generation that reflects the brand’s brilliance and foresightedness in terms of designing versatile vehicles for broader audiences. Introduced in 1996 and ceased production in 2003, this model catered to families and people who preferred spacious cars without compromising on style and comfort.

The W638 Mercedes-Benz series offered the Mixto Minivan model with a lovable Trim: 108 D MT. The Minivan body type, carrying up to 5 seats, was a revolution that Mercedes introduced, blending luxury and utility in a perfect balance. A car that can accommodate a small family, yet offer superior riding experience like its luxury siblings, was a unique proposition at that time. This iconic vehicle is powered by a diesel engine, featuring an inline cylinder layout consisting of four cylinders. Each of these cylinders carry two valves, and the multi-point fuel injection system ensures that the engine is fed fuel in the most effective manner, aiding both performance and economy.

Talking about performance, the 79 horsepower engine, which operates optimally at 3800 RPM, might not sound exciting, but considering the primary customer base for this car, it was more than sufficient. This power is then sent to the front wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission. A maximum torque turnover at 3000 RPM gives the vehicle enough pulling power, even when fully loaded. The independent lever damping back suspension with helical springs ensures that even on tough and uneven roads, the comfort inside the cabin remains intact. The fuel tank capacity is 21 gallons, meaning long distance without worrying about frequent refilling. Showing versatility, attention to detail and aim to cover broad consumer areas, the Mercedes-Benz Vito from the W638 generation is an often underrated gem in the car world.

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